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Nowadays, if you want to gain information about a certain vehicle, your first step will probably be using an online lookup. It provides you with essential data about the vehicle as well as other important features. Moreover, it also touches on the ownership history. Owing to that, you can be sure that your purchase is worth the cash.

Other than that, there are other fundamental points worth paying attention to. For example, you may want to learn about past accidents, thefts, available license plates, and so on.

We have set up License plate search API with the aim to meet those needs and serve as a reliable source of information. Below you can find the benefits and principal functions of the API.

License Plate Lookup API Explorer

The license plate search API is very easy to use. You only have to fill out the number of the license plate as well as the name of the state. Once done, click on the “Get Data” button and wait for the results. The online lookup will provide much info, such as:

  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle model
  • Engine
  • Country of manufacture
  • VIN Number
  • Vehicle-specific features, etc.

Aside from the above-mentioned uses, you will also gain access to the following portions:

  • All Vehicle Makes
  • Manufacturers
  • Canadian Vehicle Specifications
  • NHTSA Safety Ratings
  • Recalls by Make/Model/Year

Common Uses of the API

The first and foremost feature of the API is the VIN number lookup. The abbreviation stands for vehicle identification number, which is a unique identifier assigned to each vehicle when manufactured. With its needed, one can discover a wealth of information about the automobile. To clarify, it is one of the most powerful pieces to attain to learn more about the vehicle and its owner.

As mentioned earlier, knowing the ownership history has many benefits. When dealing with a pre-owned car, you may need to learn about past accidents, illegal modifications, and even thefts. So, the API protects one from careless purchases. It also prevents illegal actions by private sellers. Currently our API does not include owner information, names or contacts.

The API also comes in handy when checking the availability of your preferred numbers. There could be a special combination of letters and numbers that you want as your license plate number. Accordingly, you may easily see whether the combination is still attainable or not.

To sum up, we can conclude that the license plate search API includes the following advantages:

  • Learning about the features and specs
  • Easy VIN decoding
  • Checking vehicle background and identifying possible “red flags”
  • Searching for preferable license plate numbers
  • Saving your time and getting all of this information at once
  • Analyzing your drive-thru business and traffic

Free Trial Signups

If you want to experience all the services of the API, you should register now and use your free trials. Note that the online database offers free trials after signing up on the platform. The trials include other searches as well, for example, business data, US motor carriers, zip code, and phone number searches.

The process of creating an account is quite simple and easy. Just fill in the blank spaces, provide a valid email address, and register on the website.

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