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Sample Business License Search API

Business License Search API

A business license search API is an online database, which delivers business registration and other related information. It is a huge source of licensing info, which provides access to massive records. As one may guess, it offers lots of opportunities. For example, you can programmatically verify a business license as well as get to know other important details.

The range of our API’s search includes the above-mentioned scopes and even more. Below you can find more about the things the application programming interface presents.

Business License Search API Explorer

In general, some business APIs are not designed for wide consumption. What is more, they are highly complicated and tricky to use. In response to this, we have made the Business License Search API as simple as possible. When you create a user account, you will gain access to the following domains.

Business By Company

Just enter a state’s name in two letters, for example, AZ for Arizona, and the company’s name. Then, click on “Get Data” and you will see the company’s:

  • ID
  • Agency Code
  • Licensing Board
  • Agency Name
  • License Type Code
  • License Type
  • Specialty Code
  • License Number
  • Address Lines (1 and 2)
  • City
  • County and State
  • Zip


Business License Number

You will need to provide the license number to get information about the original issue and expiration dates, its current status, renewal date, and so on.

Business By Name

You can conduct a search when you enter the state as well as the first and last names.

Doctor Search by NPI

The National Provider Identifier (NPI) number is a 10-digit special code. It is meant to identify a healthcare institution or an individual provider. So, you will be able to enter the US doctors database provided that you enter a number, such as 1033223124.

PPP Paycheck Protection Program – SBA Data

The tool also allows the user to gain access to the PPP business loan program data. All you need to do is search by borrower name.

Common Uses of the API

  • Gaining access to reliable and relevant sources of information
  • Identifying business companies operating in the United States
  • Getting to learn a number of details about current businesses
  • Obtaining necessary data through simplified and easy search tools
  • Conducting searches by company name, license number, state, etc.

Free Trial Signups

As mentioned above, Business License Search API delivers information in an easy-to-understand manner. Register here by now not to miss your chance of free sign-up. Provide your email address, set a password, and your account will be ready to use.

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